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SEO agency Jakarta, GALASEO, one of the familiar many agencies that provides SEO services to clients. We are constantly faced with email and phone inquiries that ask for pricing and SEO packages. We learn wisely how to filter any request which ask for quotations in proposal format. It is about being selective on drawing the attention into meeting or discussion for details. We understand well that SEO is an object of art and technicalities that involve delicate process over three months or more period. The solutions and challenges are identified and planned between the agency and company. To qualify an SEO agency for your company, the following summarization can provide some guidance on which aspects to look out from an agency.

Informative Research on SEO

Doing online research is not a big deal nowadays. Since you are going to engage an SEO agency for online services anyway, it is reasonable to dig out some information on SEO topics before entering into discussion with SEO partners. Otherwise it will be confusing to understand the full potential of SEO and to ask the right questions that can trickle out the mastery of SEO solutions from the consultation. There are resources you can choose from MOZ, Seobook and Searchengineland as recommendations on beginner’s guide. On our own website we have provided sufficient information which provides an overview of what GALASEO can do for you across the spectrum of digital marketing. Search engine optimization is our core strength in this respect.

Agency Reputation

Its importance is worthy of taking note when there is long list of SEO agencies you can find on the internet. It can be viewed from some angle. Since it is an SEO agency, there is supposed to be relevant keywords or topic and articles where the brand will appear on third party websites, most important on Google search. To get the reputation for itself, an SEO agency has to work hard to perform well and achieve the desired ranking position and topic relevancy when it is sought over the search engines. There is no doubt that the competition is fierce among themselves as each agency is made up of two or more SEO masters, experts, specialist, whatever they are referred to. It requires the resilience to float around over time, otherwise the brand will begin to demise when the rest marches on regular optimization.

If you do your homework on checking the reputation, there is a chance you may find out their brand existence back to the time. And if you are lucky, you can find their ratings by independent ratings agency. Of course, there are no absolute matrices to draw when comparing among SEO agencies. It provides you some hints when you get to invite the SEO agency to demonstrate their SEO performances and Google Reputation Management before your eyes.

In the myriad of websites and push of content marketing, often it takes some time before you can find out the SEO master behind the screen. There are many agencies where you often will not know who the founders are. Less reputable agency may hide behind the brand because rebranding can be easily done for online services. You can check with these keywords “seo Indonesia” and “seo Jakarta” on Google search to understand more about the founder of GALASEO. It stands out for quite some time now as number ones. However, it is a good reminder that search results may slightly differ based on your personal search references and locations. You see, good agency will share with you necessarily on things that may slip through from your attention.

Spending or investment?

Things are often so well conversed to the maximum interest as SEO is beautiful craft that seems like magic for some people just because they see the outcome at the end of the process. The friendly climate seems to crumble when it comes to budget earmarked for SEO implementation. Good SEO agency Indonesia will fully understand the tedious work involved when this path is taken. There is no shortcut to go for organic. It is massive engagement how dealing will play out well for both sides.

While every effort has been taken into account to brief the potential client of things that matter in SEO and the greater value it can bring for a business, it is necessary to set the amount that will reasonably sustain the manpower and man hour required, the creative solutions for each client, operating expenses and the soft tools subscribed to in the agency.

It is never the intention to be rude, we do inform our minimum feasible budget when there are such blunt inquiries of the pricing. It is necessary upfront statement as we are a bit more expensive of typical small agencies because the segment we strive to work with is the business establishments with available resources to apply holistic approaches in digital marketing and will often go for custom campaigns.

It is strong requirement in our SEO services that we understand the online competition of the brand and the competitive advantages and disadvantages of the industry. Higher competition means higher difficulties to achieve the desired achievement and longer period. In addition, Google algorithm does get smarter and highly capable of filtering out low quality websites.

Opting to SEO is not about spending. It is an investment when you engage the reliable SEO agency. What you invest today on online content, you will reap the benefit over long period of time. If there is not much change on third party platforms or search engine algorithm, it will stay there forever to appear when it is relevant for users’ searches.

You just need to make sure you work with the right SEO partner so that it will become an liability to your brand reputation because there is so little to show for it. Paying for online advertisement is spending in this sense, because you will lose the attention and a place in the market when you cease paying for it. It is effective to boost short term gains for brand, if you are not a familiar face or name in the market.

Creating content for online media will be more feasible approach which can be distributed via links. To the extreme, SEO is more economical compared to traditional media such as television and radio, the budget will be gone by second counts. It needs to constantly appear before it seeps into customer’s mind. Billboard advertisement is expensive considering the same strategic spot can only be occupied by one brand exclusively, without competing brand claiming for the same spot.

Meet the SEO team and Goal Setting

SEO is series of actions that will lead to visibility of your brand as products and services people can search for in the search engines provided they are implemented properly in view of Google webmaster policy. It is in the best interest of the both parties to get meeting of individuals before meeting of the minds on the goals to go for.

Sometimes due to business ethics, Indonesia SEO agency may not be able to provide you with detailed of previous success stories, but they can be discussed verbally and visually. It is very crucial the client is fully cooperative and prepared for any kind of request for data that will provide the base for a quality content. SEO agency is only service provider which knows well how to serve the search engines and users with engaging and drawing interests, however it is the business partner that knows well about product or service knowledge. Without this crucial information, it will not satisfy user’s crave for solutions.

To make the partnership works well, a client can ask for report on progress, contact details that will make it easy to communicate with the members through emails or phone calls and it is within your right to request real time access to dashboard. It is necessary instrument to understand what works and what doesn’t. GALASEO, SEO specialist Indonesia is one of the few agencies in Jakarta which a client can engage with English communication easily and translate your digital communication into light and actionable local contents and global outreach by means of Google searches.

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